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Curt Georgi is one of Europe's most experienced and well-established companies in the flavor and fragrance sector. The company used the ProSweets 2016 and 2017 trade fairs as a unique communication platform to present their flavors to suppliers in the sweets and snack industry.

We impressed our customer with an exhibition stand concept that had everyone's mouths watering.

Our mission was to give visitors at first glance a “taste” of the kind of products they would be seeing and the high-quality standards the company sets for its flavors. We used several channels to convey the excellent value of the flavors. Particularly distinctive were the large-area fruit motifs as reverse graphics on glass and interspaces with a lot of soothing white space. The result was an appetizing atmosphere which, due to an elegant implementation, reflected and met the flavor manufacturer's exacting standards and requirements.

Another eyecatcher was the “XXL Candy” suspended above the exhibition stand. At 3 x 1.3 x 1 meters in size, it accentuated the scenery as an effective and distinctive attention-grabber from afar.

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