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Project | Five years ago we developed a natural wood framing system for the Jülich Aachen Research Alliance (JARA) for its trade-fair presentations at ISC High Performance, one of the most important events for high performance computing. This is where the excitement of the JARA trade-fair booth is seen most clearly: it combines the presentation of future-oriented technologies with the timeless natural quality of wood.

Remit | We were asked to adapt it for the “Sofa Talk” event series at the ISC 2022. In this format, the JARA experts and their co-exhibitor NHR4CES invite visitors to enjoy an informative, exclusive, and relaxed conversation at the trade-fair booth.

Concept | Our design team has developed a room-within-a-room concept, inserting a real living room into the successful real-wood system as a communication area.

Execution | The materials, furnishing, and colours of the living room set it apart from the rest of the booth. They create a separate space: a comfortable living room. This “room-within-a-room” is the perfect setting for a relaxed “Sofa Talk” on innovative and complex topics. To the left and right, we strikingly frame the darker living-room area with “mosaic walls” made up of pastel-coloured squares in different sizes. A thick carpet ties the whole booth together

Special feature | The natural wood framing system has a high recognition factor and also offers great flexibility in terms of design options. That means the JARA booth can have a whole new look for every event, with the same positive feeling.

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