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Communicate in real time with your customers, business partners and employees in an individually designed setting – live and worldwide.

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Whether in an office, showroom or studio or on a temporary stage: A camera, sound, lighting and direction are essential, wherever you wish to live stream from.

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Together with our partners, we advise you on your live event, plan it and carry it out for you.

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The global measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic have brought the event industry and – as a crucial element of corporate communication – the trade fair industry to a virtual standstill.

From talking with our customers, it is clear that, in addition to showcasing products and services, face-to-face communication has become ever-more important and is now often the main reason for taking part in a trade fair.

Today, the Internet enables us to present a company in an effective and memorable way.

In the past, this has led to speculation that the Internet would spell the end of actual trade fairs. However, this prediction has not come true.

On the contrary, trade fairs have evolved from merely acting as a showcase for products and services to becoming a multi-faceted marketing instrument, with the experience and communication increasingly taking centre stage.

And it is precisely this interaction or instrument that is now lacking or massively restricted. This begs the question: How can I enter into mutual dialogue with my customers and prospects? This is where MeRaumSTREAM comes in. MeRaumSTREAM offers you a wealth of communication concepts, thereby helping you find the right, tailored solution for your company.

As a trade fair construction company boasting over 20 years’ experience, we’re always looking at ways to improve trade fair construction and move with the times: by asking how our customers can derive added value from their stand investment and by examining how stand construction can be made more environmentally friendly. Barely anyone believes that the experience and benefits of visiting a trade fair will be completely replaced by something else. But what is clear is that the coronavirus pandemic is going to continue to influence corporate communications in the future. We therefore firmly believe that it is now time for a rethink and to find other, complementary channels or to build on and professionalise existing channels.


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