Planning and preparation

We analyse your ideas, goals, deadlines and budget. We elaborate a concept that’s tailored to your needs. We organise the invitations for your existing customers. In addition, we have partners that can help with acquiring interesting new contacts. Together with our partners, we will advise you on which streaming platform is best suited for your event.

We fix deadlines and determine the individual planning stages. We plan and co-ordinate the implementation of these and ensure that the schedule is communicated to all parties involved.


Logistics and construction

The backdrop produced is delivered and set up at your livestream location 1-2 days before the actual streaming date. The cameras and media technology are installed at the same time.

Our service technicians will ensure that everything runs smoothly during the “dress rehearsal” and on the actual streaming days.



Professional webcams and lighting are recommended for high-quality video calls and webinars. We’re also more than happy to install them in your showroom or meeting room for permanent use by your staff.

For your livestream event or online trade fair, we provide 2-3 TV cameras, fixed at specific angles. The studio lighting will be adapted to suit the backdrop. We supply the entire control room technology and always include back-up solutions to ensure your live event goes smoothly.



With your help, we write the script. Based on the available content, we draw up a schedule. Camera angles are determined. Based on the script, live editing is carried out at the production desk. The event comes to life. The chat is monitored. Live transmissions are organised.



You provide the presenters from among your staff or we can organise a presenter who suits you and who will lead your live event and support your speakers. The presenter asks questions from the audience’s viewpoint.


Cameras and technicians

We’ve been working successfully with selected partner companies for 10 years now. Together, we’ve carried out numerous projects for our customers at exhibition stands, shot product and image films and presented exhibits virtually with 3D real-time animations. We’ve set up live streams from exhibition stand to exhibition stand, securely and profitably.


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