Your showroom

A dedicated showroom would be the best long-term option. Here, you can install all the equipment you need, tailored to your needs, and communicate with your customers any time – from video calls to live events.


An online exhibition stand

An online exhibition is much the same thing as a showroom, and you can use either or, depending on what kind of products you wish to present and your local conditions. What is meant here is the construction of a permanent “exhibition stand”, which offers you a whole range of options for communicating with your customers and prospects at any time, thanks to multimedia.


A temporary stage

If your company makes products that are simply too big for a showroom or exhibition stand, one alternative could be to set up a stage in a suitable hall for a certain period of time. You leverage the advantage of the exhibition stand coming to you, and thereby reduce your transport costs.


An external studio

An external studio is a good option if you can’t set up an appropriate room on your premises, for example.


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