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Customer | FeelInGlass® by AGC develops thin glass solutions that combine technology integration and decorative attributes. The company presented their product solutions for car interiors at the Automotive Interiors Expo Europe.

Remit | FeelInGlass’s wanted the fact that it develops glass solutions that combine technology and aesthetics to be reflected in its trade fair design.

Concept | Our stand design was deliberately reminiscent of presentations of luxury products such as jewels and high-end watches. As with such products, glass as a material also creates an aura of preciousness and appreciation due to its delicate and shiny quality. Our design team epitomised this aura in the trade fair concept for AGC.

Execution | Three walls offset from each other formed the frame for AGC’s trade fair stand, lending it a sense of suspense. The products and exhibits were showcased on slightly inclined surfaces in a dark setting with discreet lighting, thereby transforming the transparent material into the visible “star” of the show. We carried the aesthetics of this backdrop through in the design of the graphics and exhibits.

Special feature | The presentation of its products was of utmost importance to AGC. These were divided into two generic areas: The first area showcased glass as a semi-finished product, while the second presented deformed and processed glass. This enabled visitors to look at and handle the raw material in one area and explore the various processing possibilities in the adjacent area. To this end, we produced tailor-made display cabinets and exhibits that integrated perfectly with the brand image.    


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