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Customer | W. Köpp GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Aachen, has a long and successful history as Europe’s leading manufacturer and processor of sponge rubber, polyethylene foam and open cell sponge rubber.

Remit | For Foam Expo 2021, Köpp wanted a trade fair presence that primarily showcased its new environmentally-friendly materials, in line with the motto “Hand in Hand with Nature”. Köpp also wanted to include a traditional must-have for its trade fair stands: a massive object. In keeping with the theme, for Foam Expo 2021, this was a giant green fist holding a flower. A spectacular eye-catcher worthy of the ranks of Köpp’s past illustrious trade fair stands. As is customary, this particular highlight was also made from Köpp’s own cellular polyethylene.

Concept | First attract attention through humour, then welcome curious visitors in a large open space – that was our trade fair concept in a nutshell.

Execution | Köpp’s rectangular island stand was prominent from afar, thanks to its two towers. The tower at one end of the rectangle was dedicated to displaying Köpp’s products. At the opposite end, was the larger tower, from which the giant green fist holding a flower protruded. This both conveyed the “green theme”, through the colour used and flower being proffered, and served as a friendly welcome to visitors. It therefore followed that we designated the area below this playful “hello” as a reception area and meeting and networking space.

Special feature | Our semi-circular hospitality and meeting counter design was specially developed with the current pandemic in mind. Instead of a one-piece top, the counter had a set of individual detachable tabletops, which could be added or removed to ensure compliance with the relevant rules on social distancing.

Customer statement | “As always, everything was excellent, and I was extremely satisfied with the stand, how everything was handled, the quality, and ultimately the response from our stand visitors.”
Axel Wynands, Head of Sales and Marketing, W. Köpp GmbH & Co. KG

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