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Customer | EJOT is a medium-sized group of companies employing more than 3400 people, and is a European market leader in fastening technology.

Remit | Construction is our profession, and yet it was somewhat unusual for our remit to be to construct an (almost) lifelike house for a temporary event such as FAF 2019: a house which, with its French balconies, guttering and awning, provided a truly authentic backdrop. Nothing could be better suited to demonstrating the areas in which EJOT’s products such as special bolts and anchors, and assembly elements, are used.

Concept | Our designers were able to create the perfect setting – not simply a house, but a welcoming home.

Execution | Our “at home” concept has been followed through to the last detail. The centre point is a detached, gabled house in a green setting. The wall of the terrace turns out to be a welcoming bar; the small garden serves as a communications area and is separated by a small “hedge”. In front of the house stands a shade-giving oak tree, its trunk surrounded by a comfortable “bench” inviting guests to stay a while. To complete the scene, a canopy in the form of a pleasant skyscape doubles as a base to which illuminated signs, etc. can be attached.

In fact, it’s the perfect place for EJOT to receive guests and present its latest fastening systems.

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