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Customer | Aachen-based regio iT GmbH is an IT services provider with a special focus on the education sector. The company provides IT infrastructure, e-learning and e-learning platform services for schools and other education providers and institutions.

Remit | regio iT’s central theme for Didacta 2019 was “Care-free IT for schools”. MeRaum’s remit was therefore to convey this motto convincingly in its concept for the design of the stand.

Concept | Visitors to the 96 m² island stand should experience a care-free atmosphere. The light touch and playfulness of our design concept was intended to suggest “care-free IT”.

Execution | The architecture of the stand draws you in with its form language, consisting of inclined planes and projections. The stand’s power of attraction is further enhanced by a freestanding tower visible from some distance. The uncluttered design, which incorporates green-ended space dividers with lilac signage, has an open and friendly feel: an architectural “Welcome!” to the service world of regio iT.

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