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Customer | If you come from “Oche” (as we locals affectionately call Aachen), you’ll most likely be familiar with ASEAG. As the largest mobility services provider in the StädteRegion Aachen, ASEAG is an integral part of the cityscape and an important pillar of the regional infrastructure. We have long accompanied ASEAG as a partner for local events such as the Euregio Wirtschaftsschau consumer fair and CHIO Village, an event that runs in parallel to the popular international CHIO horse show.

Remit | Our latest project for Aachen’s transport company was to upgrade its Customer Centre in the city centre. This is the region’s mobility info hub. The main priority in the redesign of the service area was to optimise the workspaces to make it safer for service team members to communicate with each other and with customers.

Execution | When you enter the upgraded customer centre, what you’ll first notice is that the customer area is dominated by the distinctive red and white colours of ASEAG’s corporate design. There is ample space between the entrance and long service desk for you to take your time to get your bearings. Your eyes will at first be drawn to the lush green moss wall, which, together with the centred video installation, makes a big impact. Your gaze will then automatically fall on the service desk in front of you and, by extension, on the service team. The generously spaced out counters and protective glass running the length of the service desk will help reassure you that you are in a safe environment. If you’re stopping by to stock up on information leaflets on mobility, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for on the neatly arranged shelving.

Our offer | If you, too, are looking to redesign your service area, please contact us. We guarantee you an individual solution – tailored to your specific needs.

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