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Customer | The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT, based in Aachen, develops system solutions for networked, adaptive production.

Remit | A research institute’s true assets are its technical centres and laboratories; this is where the research work is carried out, the findings of which help shape our future. With this in mind, the Fraunhofer IPT turned to MeRaum to create two showrooms in its machine hall.

Concept | Research institutes like the Fraunhofer IPT conduct research in a number of different fields. To present the different research areas, it made sense to have separate showrooms in the technical centres and laboratories. These didn’t need to be particularly large and could be seamlessly integrated in the existing architecture. They give physical and virtual visitors to the institute an insight into THE BEATING HEART of its research work, making them feel like they, too, are actively involved in the institute’s research. In addition, the theoretical and practical research processes are presented, comprehensively and centrally.

Execution | The two Fraunhofer IPT showrooms are open spaces in which exhibits and multi-media applications help visitors understand the complex contents of the fields of application. Each showroom focuses on a different research area: one on “networked, adaptive production, based on the example of turbomachinery engineering” and the other on “5G technology”.
Our design department has carried over the Fraunhofer Society’s corporate design to its interior design. The style, colour palette and branding used for the walls and furnishings are clearly associated with our client. A modular system facilitates the replacement of the graphics on the back walls. This means that the relevant graphics can be changed quickly and easily as desired or necessary, to reflect the topic at hand. Our designers have seamlessly integrated the showrooms in the existing building structure.

Customer statement | “The two showrooms in our machine hall offer our institute real added value. We’re particularly pleased with the wide variety of possible uses that these communication stands offer us: They enable us to welcome visitors from politics, industry and science. They also serve as a backdrop for video productions and as a studio for our livestreams, which we use for virtual conferences and seminars and on our social media. Together with MeRaum GmbH and its first-rate expertise in stand construction, we came up with the perfect solution for our planned application fields that met all of our design and implementation needs.”  
Susanne Krause, Head of Communications at the Fraunhofer IPT

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