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Project | Wera Werkzeuge GmbH strives to build a brand image that constitutes a “uniform and integrated whole”. As a presentation and training centre, the Werarium at Wera’s headquarters in Wuppertal plays a key role in the company’s external communications. Following the redesign of the Wera brand, MeRaum was tasked with carrying over the new brand image to the company’s temporary architecture, and consequently to its Werarium.

Concept | Our concept for the Werarium embodies everything that defines the Wera brand: good design, good ergonomics and a good understanding of users. A hands-on, try-it-out-for-yourself approach is very much encouraged. Our adaptive modular system, which we developed for the tool manufacturer’s temporary architecture, was meticulously carried over to this brand space by our design team.

Execution | As soon as you enter the Werarium, it is clear that you’ve arrived in another world – the Wera brand world. A world in which rock ‘n’ roll rules, and in which, no matter who you are, you become a “Tool Rebel”, as the company’s employees and fans of Wera tools call themselves.

In the entrance area, a film tells the story of the “Tool Rebels”. There is also a Tool Rebels photo gallery and selfie station here. The entrance area leads on to a meeting room and the showroom. The showroom, which has very much of a workshop feel to it, is the beating heart of the Werarium, where users can discover and learn all about Wera tools and have a go at trying them out for themselves. The space is divided into seven round presentation islands, all with the same basic design. Each island is set up like a small exhibition stand and provides a combination of key visuals, product information and product demos in the form of steles, furniture and exhibits specific to the relevant topic. The activity displays help users understand the respective topics or tool groups and are tailored specifically to the target group. Made from concrete, wood and steel, the islands also fit in perfectly with the tool manufacturer’s corporate identity. Trying out and interacting with the products enables you to get a feel for them, while simultaneously immersing yourself in the essence of the “Wera” brand.

Result | The Werarium is more than just a showroom – it is a sustainable brand architecture that is perfectly tailored to its target group. With an interior design to match, designed and implemented by MeRaum. And that rocks!

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