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Customer | Aachen-based family business Fecken-Kirfel GmbH & Co. KG. produces cutting machines for processing a wide range of materials and celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2020. With headquarters just 500 metres from MeRaum, as the crow flies, Fecken-Kirfel are our neighbours! That’s another reason why we were delighted when the traditional company chose MeRaum to design its exhibition stand for a series of trade fairs.

Remit | The first event in the diary was Interzum 2019. The mission was to create a stand for this event that would set the look and feel for further trade fairs, including Foam Expo and K, and score points for its reusable elements. The company also wanted to demo a cutting machine for processing foam and show various sample applications. However, the main task was to create a modern stand and graphic design that reflected the traditional company’s warm and welcoming character.

Concept | To replicate the company’s CI and create the framework for a friendly and familiar brand space, our design team worked with a lot of white space and the “Fecken-Kirfel blue” as an accent colour for the transferable trade fair concept. We drew on design elements such as the brand’s signature signet and horizontal blue stripe as key distinguishing features.

Execution | The company’s stand was divided into two dedicated areas – a presentation area at the front and a communications area at the back. The presentation area housed the large cutting machine with safety surround, presentation walls showing sample applications and a three-sided presentation stele devoted to “Industry 4.0”. In addition to meeting rooms and tables, the communications area comprised the centrepiece of the hospitable stand: a large U-shaped counter. The high back wall served as a synoptic backdrop, enabling visitors to instantly tell whose stand it was. This wall also acted as a visual partition between Fecken-Kirfel’s stand and the neighbouring stand.

Result | With our trade fair and graphic concept, we created a welcoming, well-balanced stand that showcased Fecken-Kirfel’s product highlights and innovations at their best.

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