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Customer | Euronet Software AG specialises in IT solutions and marketing services for opticians and audiologists. MeRaum has been designing and building exhibition stands for Euronet since 2008.

Remit | The new Euronet exhibition stand for opti had to be as enticing in its openness and transparency as its predecessors, yet still offer privacy. And once again, it was important when choosing materials to give due emphasis to the concept of sustainability.

Concept | A trendsetting design resulting in a harmonious mix of nature, comfort and contemporary style. Clearly-defined shapes combined with warm colour tones create a personal atmosphere in which both stand personnel and guests feel comfortable.

Execution | Louvered panels in natural wood and semi-transparent white walls obscure the view just enough to excite the curiosity of fair visitors while at the same time allowing conversation to take place undisturbed within the stand.

Special feature | With the aim of introducing living nature into the already congenial atmosphere of the stand, our designers created an especially green setting for Euronet’s illuminated 3D logo. The vertical green surface is made from genuine Icelandic moss, a low-maintenance plant needing no watering for the duration of the fair.

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