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Customer | AGC Glass, one of whose products is fire resistant laminated glass. This year, with the aim of establishing this product more firmly on the German market, the group exhibited at FeuerTrutz in Nuremberg for the first time.

Remit | MeRaum was to create the sort of stand that this first appearance at FeuerTrutz merited, one that focused on AGC Glass products’ unique combination of transparency and fire protection.

Concept | An intelligent concept is always needed, but particularly so for the presentation of transparent products such as glass. The "invisible" must not only become visible but be presented in a very eye-catching way. Modesty therefore had no place in our design for the AGC stand, instead we made space for an imposing display of the company’s 3.85 m high fire resistant glass products.

Execution | The upright exhibits are very tall, and in some cases extend above the stand walls, with the result that AGC’s products are automatically visible from a distance. Framed in black steel, they clearly stand out against the predominantly white walls. A further plus factor is the fact that the exhibits simultaneously serve as transparent space dividers, thus creating an open yet sound-insulated communications area.

Result | We are very pleased that all our efforts were met with such enthusiasm by the customer: “I wanted to thank you and your entire team once again for the organisation of the stand/fair. Everything was according to our expectations. We had one of the most beautiful stands on the fair.” 
Bernard Deloge, Sales & Marketing Manager, Fire Resistant Glass, AGC Glass Europe

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