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Customer | RTB GmbH & Co. KG is a leading international company that creates innovative road traffic solutions.

Remit | Following a period of uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, our customer wanted to make a cheerful impression at the intertraffic 2022trade fair. They believed every visitor deserved an especially optimistic, enjoyable experience at their first in-person reunion after such a long time. That’s how the idea of a mini fun fair was born.

Execution | The world of RTB products blends both technically and visually into the fun fair backdrop, and the overall result is a lively, cheerful atmosphere.

Result | RTB’s trade-fair presence offers fun-fair flair, with all the bells and whistles. From bumper cars to a carousel horse and a “test your strength” game, visitors to the booth are in for a treat. They can learn all about the new products while enjoying the festive atmosphere.

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