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Customer | Walzwerke Einsal GmbH has a long and successful history. At the same time, the company is always looking toward the future: its creativity, efficiency, and willingness to try new things have made Walzwerke Einsal a leading company for innovative steel and stainless-steel solutions.

Remit | We were asked to represent the traditional company’s future-oriented perspective with an authentic overall concept for the Wire.

Concept | The four words “flexible, efficient, competent, creative” represent what makes Walzwerke Einsal special. Our design team translated this guiding principle into a creative “wall game,” with dynamic levels of height and depth. The walls symbolize the solidity and efficiency of the traditional business, while the stacked and layered shapes represent the flexibility and innovative power of a modern company.

Execution | Four tall graphics walls display the four key concepts “flexible, efficient, competent, creative” at a height of 4.5 meters, so they can be seen from far away. The gigantic walls frame the slightly lower, square-shaped smelting graphic – the thematic heart of the booth that “warms it up” from the inside out.

Special feature | Despite the large dimensions, the presentation is playful and inviting – a clever move by our design team. The offset wall blocks have a subtle border of lower grey wall elements, which make them seem free-standing. This nested concept is outstanding because of its timelessness and extreme versatility.    

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