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Event | The Municipal Association for Administration Management (KGSt) supports its members in all municipal management-related issues and is the organiser of Germany’s leading administration conference, the KGSt®-FORUM. In 2021, the forum took place at the WorldCCBonn in the form of a hybrid event. The forum includes a main conference programme and a trade exhibition around a specific topic.

Remit | For this event, the KGSt wanted a stand in the convention centre foyer at which it could greet visitors in its capacity as an association, but, first and foremost, as the forum host. It was important to KGSt to both make its guests feel welcome as soon as they arrived and to make a good impression as an industry expert and active representative of its members. The KGSt also wanted its stand to stand out as the entrance to the trade exhibition running in parallel to the conference. As such, our challenge was to come up with a well-structured design to accommodate all of the KGSt’s various different requirements and functions in a single stand concept.

Execution | Our solution was to divide the stand into three distinct areas: a reception area with a long welcome desk and seating, an open meeting space with bar tables and a presentation area with a podium, monitor and seat cubes. With this set-up, we successfully met the KGSt’s brief for a stand that acted as a visual welcome to the conference. Furthermore, the open-plan layout and visual connectivity between the different areas encouraged visitors to the KGSt’s stand to actively engage in sharing information and ideas, experiences and know-how and to explore the adjoining trade exhibition.

Customer statement | “Our KGSt® stand was fantastic – I’d say it’s the best stand we’ve ever had.” 
Dr. Klaus Effing, Director of the KGSt

Exhibitions | In addition to large trade shows, many of our customers showcase their products and services at exhibitions held in conjunction with conferences, like the trade exhibition at the KGSt®-FORUM. This offers them the advantage of directly addressing a specific target group. Indeed, we are seeing a trend in companies wanting a trade show-level stand at this type of event. In addition to the KGSt’s stand, we were also tasked with constructing an exhibition stand for two other companies attending the KGSt®-FORUM.

For regio iT GmbH and its partners BriefButler and Zoom, we designed a peninsular booth that integrated seamlessly in the convention centre’s architecture. A sculptured rear wall with trapezoidal geometries and an interesting vista of the action on the lower level were particular stand-out features.

The neighbouring stand, belonging to zfm - Zentrum für Management- und Personalberatung Edmund Mastiaux & Partner, was also a perfect design fit for the architecture of the WorldCCBonn. Furniture and structural components all in white created a striking contrast with the printed carpet. The meeting tables were custom built by us for the event. But it was the 18 m² LED wall that really stole the show for the stand. Visible from both the front and the back, the LED wall was a real eye-catcher for visitors, thereby drawing them to zfm’s stand. kitz.kommunikation Kreativagentur GmbH was responsible for designing zfm’s stand.


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