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Customer | Since 1969, Kabeltrommel GmbH & Co. KG (KTG) has been a logistics service provider in the European cable industry featuring a spool return system. In 2010, the company rounded out its offerings with an ultramodern manufacturing facility for returnable and disposable wooden spools. KTG presented its work in a shared booth at the Wire 2022 alongside co-exhibitor Axjo Plastic AB (Axjo), which produces drums, spools, and rolls made from environmentally friendly polymer compounds.

Concept | We use an open, overarching design to harmoniously combine the two companies’ trade-fair presentations while preserving their individuality. Our design concept treats the two exhibitors as partners, presenting their own corporate designs in their respective booth areas. At the same time, the booth has a uniform overall look.

Execution | A bright floating cube defines the external appearance of the shared booth and makes it highly visible. The individuality of the two equally weighted companies is primarily emphasized by the light-dark contrast that visually defines the two areas. KTG’s presentation is in the lighter-coloured area, and its co-exhibitor Axjo can be found in the darker area. The shared reception desk acts as a connecting element for the two company spaces, and its design combines light and dark. Second, we use different decorating styles to create further separation between the two halves. KTG welcomes its guests to a comfortable lounge corner with warm colours and wood elements. Co-exhibitor Axjo invites visitors to network in its space with an LED display, large product graphics, and a group of standing tables.

Result | This trade-fair booth concept allowed us to highlight the two partners’ commonalities and differences, and to create a harmonious overall picture.

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