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Concept | Our designers came up with something extra special for the Andritz Metals presentation at this year’s Aluminium trade fair. The clever thing about this MeRaum stand concept is that it creates the illusion of a much larger space than the stand actually uses. Our design team achieves this spatial phenomenon with a few inventive tricks.

Execution | The façade is taller than the other stand walls and acts as a room divider. It looks like a broad white frame that opens up in the middle, leading to the consulting area in the back. The opening creates a quiet niche. We visually set this area apart from the rest of the stand using walls covered in graphics, along with a darker floor.

Special feature | The stand, which in reality measures 54 m2, gives the impression of having a much larger footprint. Our “frame-niche principle” is a timeless classic, and also a creative chameleon that we have used in a similar form before. When we adapted it for Andritz, we chose our signature slanted wall from other Andritz Metals trade fair presentations along with the company’s own corporate design.

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