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Customer | For W. Köpp GmbH & Co. KG, attending this year’s FachPack fair was a kind of premiere. The traditional company, which specializes in manufacturing and processing cellular rubber, polyethylene foam and foam rubber, showed off its packaging products.

Remit | The goal was to convey the company’s modern image with an open-sided stand that allowed flexible adjustments for different stand sizes. The customer wanted the main focus to be the product presentation.

Concept | We provided an impressive portable stand concept that prioritizes reusable materials. The design concept focused on playing with strong colour contrasts.

Execution | Large black and white surfaces define the scenery; the main brand messages are in colour, which gives them greater impact. Recessed illuminated niches are used to perfectly stage Köpp’s product portfolio. Making the Köpp branding highly visible in this ensemble also played an important role. The logo on the floor of the cube puts the company’s proverbial stamp on the overall scene.

Special feature | There is a special relationship between the main eyecatcher – a life-size polar bear – and the MeRaum team. The “cool” giant, made from one of the customer’s specialty materials, was our beloved mascot for a while. To make sure it was stored safely, it graced the MeRaum foyer until it was time for us to take it to FachPack and the FoamExpo.

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