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The GKV/TecPart - Verband Technische Kunststoff-Produkte e.V. association represents the interests of technical plastic product manufacturers.
At the Fakuma 2017, the leading specialist event for the plastics processing industry, the organisation and several of its members appeared with a joint exhibition stand.

The umbrella organisation is at the centre of the stand, with members of the network surrounding it with smaller stand areas in various sizes. Despite the individually designed backdrops, the affiliation of the individual partners is unmistakable owing to the coherent stand design, a highly visible logo wall and a mutual eye-catcher.

In some cases it can be beneficial for companies to share an exhibition stand. This offers several advantages such as shared costs and a considerable reduction of the organisational work load. Joint stands pose a particular challenge for stand designers. Despite the shared exhibition space, the individuality of each company must be maintained.
MeRaum has a wealth of experience in this discipline and creates joint stand concepts to meet each partner´s unique expectation.

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