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Nowadays everyone is talking about sustainability. But you would be forgiven for thinking that the term has yet to be introduced into the field of trade fair design. Our sustainable trade fair concept for the Jülich Aachen Research Alliance (JARA) proves otherwise.


At the ISC 2017, one of the most significant events within the High-Performance Computing (HPC) field, JARA-HPC scientists presented their latest research results. The demonstration of a virtual, interactive 3D factory planning application was a particular highlight.


The primary customer requirement facing our stand designers was the concept of sustainability regarding the materials used and the development of a suitable modular system. Custom designed wooden frames are the core feature characterising the modular brand architecture. The fabric covered frames are foldable allowing the entire exhibition stand to be compactly packed away into a box. The simplicity of the system allows for practically tool-free stand assembly and dismantling.


The contrast between future-oriented technology and positive associations with wood as a natural and timeless material make for an exciting design.


MeRaum created a trade fair concept that is truly unique. The exclusive use of renewable resources and the reusable stand elements helped the JARA research institute to make an authentic and sustainable impression.

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