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Vetrotex and Adfors are subsidiaries of the Saint-Gobain Group. Vetrotex produces high quality textile fiber materials and Adfors reinforcing materials for the building market and industrial applications. Together they presented themselves at the Techtextil 2015 with an open stand concept, in which the 350th anniversary of the parent company Saint-Gobain was the main focus. MeRaum was given the responsibility, in addition to the design of the trade fair stand, to carry out the adaptation of the exhibition stand graphics and the design of the presentation steles.

Challenges in the set up of the design were on one hand the textile elliptical anniversary column in the center of the display area and on other, the four double-sided presentation steles.

The layout of Adfors steles combines the real textile model with photographs of the enlarged materials, as well as pictograms with their applications. Positioned between two glass panes, the delicate products are highly effectively presented. On the contrary, Vetrotex focuses  on media contents, which were presented on a monitor stele, as well as a graphic message with pictures of products and the respective production sites.

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