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Euronet Software AG whose headquarters are located in Frechen near Cologne, is a supplier of premium products and services in the areas of IT and marketing for medium sized opticians and audiologists. Euronet commissioned MeRaum to set up a stand for the Opti 2015 which impresses with its simple design and its tasteful restraint. Special attention should also be paid to the quality and durability of the entire interior.

So we created a space which is closed, but due to its transparent textile material and architectural openings suggests openness. The lounge-like scenery communication stands in the foreground is improved by a comfortable sofa group and large high tables with stools. The restrained color of the stand is mostly reflected in white, cream, grey and brown tones and is accentuated through the warm colors of the Euronet logo as an illuminated object and pendant lights in the consulting area.

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