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Bütema AG is a leading supplier of mobile IT solutions with a focus on systems to support sales orientated and intralogistics processes for the total supply of commercial enterprises. The different services include software development as well as the business with identification systems. The assignment of MeRaum for the EuroCIS 2015 was to bring the Bütema products of the “fashion industry” near to a practical concept of an exhibition stand.

Bütema’s technical articles, like handheld scanners and identification systems, should be provided with the clearest environment possible. For this reason, at the entrance to the EuroCIS 2015 trade fair, there is a tasteful “Shop in Shop” design. The attentive visitor may not only discover elements such as a shop window mannequin, shelves, clothes and even clothes hangers, but also be surprised by a stylized dressing room. The shop stand concept provides for the classification into the three product lines back-office, in-Store and hardware solutions with their respective counters on which the new products are displayed.

The trade fair will also have a calm communication area with comfortable seating. In order to convince completely the character of a fashion boutique, an inlet with contrasting flooring was built to lead the customers directly into the (shopping) experience.

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