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CIM med GmbH with headquarters in Munich is a leading specialist in medical delivery systems. The company provides an integrated cable routing (cable integrated mounting, CIM) for their high quality fixtures. A particularly high demand for quality is anchored within CIM med’s company philosoph. This was also reflected in our concept for the stand of the company at the Medica 2015, the world's largest medical trade fair.

Key points for our designers in the composition of the stand: the inclusion of delicate products and its bright coloring. In order for the support systems to be at the forefront, a backdrop with the maximum possible contrast had to be created. With subtle technical drawings on a dark blue background, we found the right foundation for the CIM med product world.

In order to guarantee immediate brand recognition to every CIM med event, the leitmotif, a dandelion, always appears in the foreground. It is the same as in our concept for their stand at the Medica 2015. The key visual is shown on two large graphic walls and on the bottom of the illuminated cube to guarantee brand perception. At the med-fair, CIM appears like a joyful explosion of color in a world which is usually seen as a white sterile environment.

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