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Rheinzink has been producing titanium zinc sheet metal products meant for roof drainage, roofing and façade cladding for more than 45 years – all around the world. Rheinzink sees itself as a partner of architects and skilled tradesmen alike. Those who know Rheinzink will recognize this stand.

We systematically applied the corporate design in our stand concept: clear forms and well-matched proportions characterize the architecture of the stand, while carefully thought-out presentation elements and individually designed conference zones show our loving attention to detail.

In addition, the exhibition stand concept allows for a high degree of flexibility. A double-deck stand with a kitchen on the ground floor and a luxury lounge on the upper level can be cleverly concealed behind the façade of a cube. This approach lets Rheinzink GmbH present itself as a company that has stayed down-to-earth and at the same time also has a high potential for innovation.

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