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MeRaum's task was no less than to transport the new brand image of the Wera company and her corresponding corporate identity to interior design and temporary architecture.
The mission was to establish the Wera brand – “Tools Created from Ideas” – even more firmly as the standard and synonym for high-quality, innovative and design-oriented tools.

MeRaum developed a coherent and versatile “modular system” with a high degree of recognition that can be flexibly used for trade fairs, events and in the showroom (Werarium) as well as for different target groups and objectives. Since 2014, we have been implementing it for a wide variety of occasions.

The “Werarium” at the development site in Wuppertal plays a key role in Wera's redesign. It is the representative heart of the tool manufacturer and comprises presentation, communication and training areas. Our adaptive design principle is used here as well. The individual areas are structured into different circular-shaped activity areas, and the thematically relevant steles, furniture and exhibits are placed upon them.

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