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Walzwerke Einsal GmbH is a medium-sized, family-run business with a history that extends back over more than 330 years. The company’s creativity, dynamic approach and willingness to try out new things have helped it become one of the leading companies that develop innovative solutions for recasting high-grade steel. The two main themes – innovation and tradition – are reflected in the colour design of the exhibition stand which was used for the ‘wire 2014’ fair. The white and light blue tones guaranteed that it would be recognisable from far away and the outside structure of the stand reflected the nature of this forward-thinking company.

The roots of this company with a long tradition were alluded to by the floor’s dark oxidized steel appearance and the photographs of the production process which were displayed in glowing red tones. At the same time, the stand was divided into two zones: one was an open bright area for welcoming the public and the other a low-key space with tables and chairs for holding individual talks. We were able to win over Einsal as a customer by coming up with a persuasive concept for their stand, having a readily available planning department and being a consistently reliable partner.

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