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Alberdingk Boley is a leading international manufacturer of water-based binders and other components used in the paint and coating industry. The environmentally friendly "High Chem Systems" are difficult to explain as a product. The company therefore emphasizes its corporate philosophy at trade shows. The down-to-earth company with a longstanding tradition puts great emphasis on quality, sustainability and customer service.

In conceiving the stand, we made sure that materials and form were in harmony with each other. Warm wood colours were combined with the simple elegance of white. The result: a spirited yet tranquil atmosphere, just made for deep discussions. A place that contrasts pleasantly with the often hectic hustle and bustle of trade shows, which is precisely why people remember it.

At the European Coatings Show 2011 in Nuremberg, this stand not only captivated visitors, but especially the company itself. After the fair, Alberdingk Boley had it shipped to the US to keep on using it there. For the next exhibition, we expanded and adapted the concept once more.

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