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“The highest level of confidence requires things we cannot see”, is one of the guiding principles from Alberdingk Boley, global acting producer of water-based solutions for coating and finishing surfaces. With this thesis the particularity and the challenge will also be simultaneously expressed through the presentation of a mostly transparent range of products. Our Department of Design has conceived a bright and friendly communication stand with some spots of color for the ECS 2015, international trade fair for colors and lacquers. The sophistication however lies within the details:

The base of the 102 square meter stand made of oak parquet is also an enormous surface to present the products and shows the ability of Alberdingk Boleys in surface finishing.

3D logos shaped like drops appear gently from the ceiling and with their green color give the scenery a sense of being close to nature which can be perceived from a distance. Colored glass paintings also create effective touches. Another smart move regarding architecture for the exhibition is a ceiling made with lamella: so the existing problem of restless and distracting exhibition hall roofs could be avoided. A special room with an adequate transparency and a hint of privacy was created.

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