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Akzo Nobel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paints and varnishes and is an important producer of special chemicals. Akzo Nobel Packaging Coatings GmbH supplies companies from around the world with innovative products for the metal packaging industry. The company participated at the METPACK fair in Essen in 2011, which is considered the main international event for this industry.

For this event, our customer needed a stand with an elegant atmosphere and unique character where the company’s goals could continue to be pursued. The meeting areas in the lighted rotunda were embedded in a solid and spacious stand structure and became the visual highlight of the stand. The semi-circular canopy sail radiated differently coloured changing lights towards the outside and also served as an unobtrusive screen for visitors to the stand. We wanted people to associate the sail with beverage cans and other metal packaging and we made a conscious choice to integrate these associations into the concept for the stand, as well as to highlight the creative possibilities that Akzo Nobel products offer to its customers.

After this successful fair in Germany, the idea and design of the exhibition stand was used again at the Cannex 2012 fair in Guangzhou (China) where it was set up by local partners.

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