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Saint-Gobain Glass is a company operating around the world and has offices in Asia, America and Europe. While Saint-Gobain Glass ranks in second place among international producers of sheet glass, it is considered the leading producer of sheet glass in Europe. The company’s headquarters in Germany are located in Aachen. We are proud to say that we have designed and built exhibition stands for the Saint-Gobain Group for many years. 

At BAU 2013, the world’s leading fair for architecture, Saint-Gobain Glass presented its company in an unusual light. To set them apart from the competition, we wanted to combine the technical and cool character of the glass products with feel-good elements. Our designers used the contrasting elements of an Alpine cabin and high-tech landscape. This design, which was initially considered quite a gamble, proved to be a total success as the analysis of the feedback from the company’s customers demonstrates. They remarked on the attention to detail in particular. 

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