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EJOT is a medium-sized group of companies employing more than 3400 people, and is a European market leader in fastening technology.

Construction is our profession, and yet it was somewhat unusual for our remit to be to construct an (almost) lifelike house for a temporary event such as FAF 2019: a house which, with its French balconies, guttering and awning, provided a truly authentic backdrop. Nothing could be better suited to demonstrating the areas in which EJOT’s products such as special bolts and anchors, and assembly elements, are used.

Our designers were able to create the perfect setting – not simply a house, but a welcoming home.

Our “at home” concept has been followed through to the last detail. The centre point is a detached, gabled house in a green setting. The wall of the terrace turns out to be a welcoming bar; the small garden serves as a communications area and is separated by a small “hedge”. In front of the house stands a shade-giving oak tree, its trunk surrounded by a comfortable “bench” inviting guests to stay a while. To complete the scene, a canopy in the form of a pleasant skyscape doubles as a base to which illuminated signs, etc. can be attached.

In fact, it’s the perfect place for EJOT to receive guests and present its latest fastening systems.

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