Our business partner AGC Glass Europe from Belgium has developed a modular system for protective screens made of safety glass which we would like to offer as a durable and ecological solution:  FeelInSafe from ShapeYourGlass by AGC. Compared with existing plastic solutions, safety glass is more transparent and solid, more scratch-resistant and durable: it doesn’t fade over time or under the effects of alcohol-based detergent. This solution helps to maintain social distance, protects your employees as well as your customers and enables social interaction at the same time.

Glass thickness is 5mm and the screens are 1050 mm x 800 mm each. We can place lateral supports inside or outside of the glass depending on the table on which it is installed.

Please feel free to contact us: +49 241 94936-0 | mail@meraum.de

All versions are available at short notice.

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